21 January 2011

A new chapter...

Well this year has started off very slowly, but now I need to get my butt in gear. My first race this year is the Love The Run You're With 5k on Valentine’s Day weekend. My goal going into this race is to shake off the cobwebs and get a general idea of my fitness. Another new thing about this year (other than starting to race so soon) is that I am a part of a racing team. My LRS has graciously added me to their list of 2011 Pacers Ambassadors. This is very exciting to me because I get to support a store that I truly believe in and I get to meet to some great new people as part of the process.

I will be focusing on the Chicago Marathon again this year. I also hope to drop many of my current PR’s substantially in the months and weeks to come. One thing that stayed the same is my continued work with the amazing, and amazingly patient, talented and flexible, Coach Nicole and Speed Endurance Coaching. I look forward to some of the challenging workouts that she always puts together for me.

My scheduled racing schedule for this Spring…

Upcoming workouts:
Saturday, Jan 22
8 mile run with drills

Sunday, Jan 23
13 mile run with 10 x 30 sec’s @ 5k effort w/short jog rests and 45 min @ half marathon effort.

Monday, Jan 24

Tuesday, Jan 25
5 mile easy run

Wednesday, Jan 26
6 mile easy run

Thursday, Jan 27
5 mile easy w/5 strides

Friday, Jan 28
4 mile easy run

Saturday, Jan 29
14 mile run including 45 min @ marathon effort on rolling hills. Recovery then 4 x 15 sec @ 3k effort w/ jog rests

Sunday, Jan 30
3-4 mile easy run