10 July 2010

3 tough, short workouts…and a little epiphany

This week has been kinda slow for me. I missed a few runs due to work and well…generally feeling like crap. I’ve been fighting a cold for about the last month or so and it has finally caught up with me. I guess my prescription of running a lot to knock the cold out wasn’t the right dosage to get rid of the sickness. Oh well.
My first run of the week was on Tuesday, it consisted of 3 easy miles (29:29) in a sand and dust storm. I ran the extremely familiar loop without much problem. My breathing was easy and my HR was rather low. However, the sand and dirt sucked. I was cleaning sand out of my ears and nose for the rest of the day; thank God for sunglasses.

The second run was a little under three miles (2.76 miles, 25:40), what made it so tough? Running said distance in 105+ degrees of sun and wind. My heart rate was up a little and my breathing was a little short, but the pace felt easy, even in the conditions.

This morning was just 5 miles and it was actually pretty comfortable and cool. There was a little wind but not anything that I haven’t grown used to. The only detractor from this run was getting out of the door. For me running is as much of a mental sport as a physical one. I knew I hadn’t put in the required miles this week and I wasn’t sure if I’d struggle with the run or not. I have been running long enough to know that was silly, but I thought it anyway. The run felt good and I found myself again fighting to keep my pace in the easy range. All-in-all, the week hasn’t been so bad.

Tomorrow is a simple 13 miler in the morning with 3 easy at night. I don’t foresee any major issues with it, so I’ll finish the week with right around 26 miles. That is rather low mileage for me as of late, but rest is important. I’m trying to teach myself how to run more on feel, and a part of that is knowing when to cut the pace or distance a little. Tomorrow’s run will consist of some strides, a little fartlek and a 1.5 mile time trial.

About that epiphany…During today’s run, I looked up to the sky and thought about why am I having to deal with so much stuff right now? My mom started her Chemo therapy on my birthday; J is about to come back overseas to finish her deployment after getting basically no answers about her medical condition while in the states; I just had to say goodbye to some of the really good friends that I’ve made over here; and I’ll be saying goodbye to some more (new) friends in the next week or so. I asked God, “How much of this should I be expected to handle without losing myself”? The answer came to me before I could even finish the thought, it was simple…”All of it!” I do truly believe that God won’t put more in my life than I am able to handle, I guess there is strength that I just haven’t tapped into yet. There is a lot of bad in my world, but the truth is that I have so much good as well. I’ve made it so far, why start doubting now? So, on I go to conquer the next task and make myself a better man, after all, I am 29 now…

Tomorrow’s workout:

Sunday, July 11
AM: 13 miles, including 4 strides w/1 min recoveries and 1.5 mile time trial. 2x (3,2,1 min @ 5k effort w/ active recovery
PM: 3 mile easy run

"Life is short... running makes it seem longer."
~Baron Hansen

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