21 June 2010

My first actual bad workout.

I think that I actually mean my first bad workout ever. Even while in training for the RnR Chicago last year I never had to actually stop a workout short of the goal mileage. I could usually adjust pace and be ok. Even with some of the hard workouts in the Hall HM Training Plan, I was able to complete each workout.

Today I was not so lucky. Today’s (actually yesterday’s) schedule called for 16 miles with a 30 minute Progression Run and some Hill Sprints. I was able to get in all of the ‘quality’ work, but my wheels fell off as I was finishing the workout mileage. I made it to a little over 12 miles when I stopped for the day. I had drunk 2 liters (about 67.5 ounces) of water during the run. I meant to check the weather after the run but it slipped my mind; although at 1200 pm it was 111 degrees. Yes, that is One Hundred and Eleven degrees. Damn! Also, I seemed to be very tired this morning after the run. I escaped to my room to rest after lunch and ended up sleeping for about 3 hours, oops.

Originally I was really upset that I wasn’t able to finish the workout. I thought I had given up on the training but after the really long nap this afternoon, I realized that my body just wasn’t into it today. Hell it is surprising that I was able to push through as far as I did. All in all, I guess all wasn’t lost. I will start all of my LR’s way earlier from now on as well.

Workouts this week:

Tuesday, 22 June
Rest (or 2-3 recovery miles)
Wednesday, June 16
6 miles moderate with ladder of progressions
Thursday, June 17
Rest (or 2-3 recovery miles)
Friday, June 18
5 miles easy with strides
Saturday, June 19
3 miles easy
Sunday, June 20
13 miles moderate run with uphill strides and then sprints. Full Recovery 30-45 min @ Marathon Effort

"The long run is what puts the tiger in the cat.”
~Bill Squires

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